Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tru Shit.

And my mission just started
You see me getting money and u act like it's a problem
When im by myself them nigga always tryna get me
Ignore all the bullshit even though it's still with me
I go to school and I'm still in the hood
Like, hope I don't die today
But it's likely I could
Shit ain't going my way for reasons not understood
That's why I smoke the pain away
My worst days is rainy days
Mix the blunt with the haze hoping shit will fade away
Looking up in the sky wishing for god's amazing grace
Knowing that I don't pray
I'm fucked up thinkin that the world is against me
Hopefully I'll get my luck up
Screaming fuck the world, red eyes
Nigga what what
Holding my pistol
See me you better duck buck
Coward ass niggas wanna act tough
Shit we could go to war nigga get ur gats up
Strap up, never trust bitches
Never talk to snitches
Never choose money over ur niggas
I got my mind on this rhyme
Everyday is grind time
If I see you flashin then i'm takin ur shine
It's real shit nigga
Mean mug with a mean slug
And ima mean guy
Red dot hit ur eye
And I could hit ur guys no prob
And they wonder how I get money with no job
I hustle

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